What is Rent Ready?

Rent Ready is a technology-enabled turn service business that works directly with apartment communities to fundamentally change the process of making vacant units into ones that are rent ready.  We are a single-source vendor that delivers end-to-end apartment services (including Painting, Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Counter and Tub Refinishing, and Punch) with unbeatable customer service- which means with one call you can take a move-out and be ready for a move-in on your schedule, not your vendors!

Are you ready to change the way you turn apartments?

What are We Fixing?

The process of getting vacant units ready to rent is a frustrating challenge. Most apartments work with several small, local vendors or individual contractors for each service needed.

  • Working with different companies for different services is a time-consuming hassle.  If a move-out schedule changes, you're spending even more time on the phone instead of keeping your residents happy!

  • Smaller vendors are unreliable and don't always show up when they say they will, and often can't accommodate your needs during peak season at all. You don't have time to worry about your vendors!

  • Working with smaller vendors means if you have an issue with their quality of work, you're next in line after new work is finished, if you can even get a hold of them  - now you have unhappy future residents. 


How are we Fixing it?


We are an Apartment Turn Service Business:

Apartments love the convenience of working with a single source turn vendor capable of delivering end to end make ready services. That’s why we currently help deliver turn services to more than 10,000 units in over 75 apartment communities in the Charlotte area and are rapidly growing.


We are a Technology Business

We use technology to set us apart from our competitors and deliver a more reliable service.  That means our workers show up on the day you need your make ready services delivered - over 99% of the time!


We are a Customer Service Business

We are known for delivering outstanding customer service in the industry.  It's why we are able to consistently deliver a high quality service with over a 95% satisfaction rating!


Who do we Work With?

Rent Ready is a Single Source Provider of Turn Service Trusted by Major Property Management Groups in the South East

We work directly with Regional Managers, Onsite Property Managers, and Maintenance Managers and Technicians, to deliver make ready services that fit their move-out schedules and individual property needs.