Placing an Order

Before we get started helping with your apartment carpet cleaning we need a few details to make sure we head down the right path like:

  • The unit number, size, and desired completion date or move in requirements.
  • Any additional carpet services you will need including items such as (stain removal, stretching, patching, odor control, etc.)

Getting Started

We want to make sure you know our crew members are onsite and engaged with the work we are committed to helping you with.  That’s why we ask for all Rent Ready crew members to check in with an onsite point of contact or the main office to acquire keys and make sure they have access to the unit.

Carpet Prep

Our carpet cleaners go through detailed checks and procedures before beginning work on each unit:

  • Carpet cleaners will start by inspecting the unit for any soiled areas, stains, and additional work that might need to occur to get your carpet looking great again.
  • Some carpet cleans require additional services such as stain removal or repairs.
  • Rent Ready will seek the approval of the onsite point of contact prior to performing any additional services that would result in charges over $25 per unit.
  • If your carpet can't be salvaged, we will let you know upfront instead of attempting to restore the existing carpet in the unit.

Our crew members follow a standard process for carpet cleaning apartment units with consistent technique and quality.  Rent Ready includes the following items room by room in our standard carpet clean:


  • Carpets are pre-sprayed in highly trafficked and stained areas.


  • Carpet will be groomed with a carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine to loosen any existing dirt or soil.


  • Hot water extraction is performed from a truck mounted system.


  • Stain removal
  • Repairs
  • Odor control


  • Our last step is to groom the carpet in a single direction to aid in the drying 
  • Lights are turned off, and the HVAC system is set to a specified temperature or turned off, with the door locked.


Before leaving the property, our team wants to make sure you are aware that the work is complete and provide you with an opportunity to point out any areas where we can improve or correct any mistakes.  Before leaving our carpet cleaners:

  •  Check in with maintenance or the main office to return the keys.
  • If maintenance is available to inspect the unit, our crews are happy to walk through with them to make sure they can correct anything that needs addressing.