Rent Ready is a Charlotte, NC based startup that is disrupting the apartment industry by applying technology to an innovative business model.  We have built a rapidly growing company through hard work, dedication, and an outstanding team of professionals that you will love working with!  So why would you want to work at Rent Ready?  Well you’re probably a relentless worker, highly creative, and love to see the impact of you work on a daily basis...because that’s who we are!  We give our employees the autonomy and ownership they need to succeed because our best ideas come from all parts of the business. Come work with us if you aren’t afraid of failing, but know that if one of us fails, we all fail.  Come work with us if you love solving problems, but know that we don’t always have the answer or even arrive at the best solution every time.  Mostly, come work with us if you have the desire to win, grow and learn as we change the way you turn apartments!


National Expansion Manager - Remote

Consider yourself a traveling General Manager and the ultimate tactician. You'll research a future cities and understand how they works, get in, establish the market, help hire and train a permanent in-market team and free yourself up to move-on and do it all over again in a new city. If you like travelling, excellent, because you will be living out of a suitcase.  Expansion Managers will be on the road over 300 days per year, but they are the biggest contributors to the growth of the company. 


Recruiter - Charlotte, NC

The Recruiter is a vital member of the team and the engine that makes the whole business run. They must be highly motivated and capable of hitting staffing needs to support the high growth of the business. In this position, the Recruiter will be responsible for high volume, full lifecycle recruitment for contractors and field personnel to support the growth of the business.


General Manager - Atlanta, GA

The General Manager role is one of the most demanding positions Rent Ready has to offer; it requires such a degree of talent, grit and leadership that the right person is difficult to find. The General Manager will be responsible for launching and growing our services platform in Atlanta.  The success of Rent Ready is in our team. The General Manager is a big deal, and the qualities and capabilities required mean you are an incredibly intelligent, talented and highly sought-after professional. Sound like you?


Operations Manager - Charlotte, NC

Rent Ready is looking for a highly skilled individual to help manage the logistics and customer support of our services platform. This role is equal parts customer support, work order assignment, and daily management of the complex problem of making sure that all work orders are completed by our contractors. We are looking for someone with great problem solving and people skills. This individual must be a critical thinker and someone who is not easily overwhelmed. All of this, while developing and maintaining strong relationships with our contractors and clients.