Placing an Order

Before we get started helping with your countertop resurfacing we need a few details to make sure we head down the right path like:

  • The unit number, and desired completion date or move in requirements.
  • Order details including:
    • What color multi-spec paint your community uses for counters.
    • Are we resurfacing just the kitchen counter, or should we plan on also matching the bathroom counters too?

Getting Started

We want to make sure you know our crew members are onsite and engaged with the work we are committed to helping you with.  That’s why we ask for all Rent Ready crew members to check in with an onsite point of contact or the main office to acquire keys and make sure they have access to the unit.

Counter Prep

Our crew members go through detailed checks and procedures before beginning work on each unit to make sure they keep apartment kitchens and bathrooms as clean as possible during the resurfacing process.  Good preparation is the most important step in ensuring outstanding looking countertops!  During prep, crew members will:

  • Remove appliances such as the oven and refrigerator from the kitchen to ensure all counter surface areas are easily accessible and your appliances remain clean.
  • Drop cloths and plastic covering are laid down to protect flooring.
  • All non-countertop surfaces in the kitchen are taped off with painter’s tape and paper to prevent overspray on:
    • Cabinets (both above and below the countertops)
    • Drawers
    • Sinks
    • Surrounding walls
  • Countertop surfaces are cleaned down with an industrial cleaner to ensure remaining dirt and buildup are completely removed before the resurfacing process begins.

Our crew members follow a standard process for resurfacing countertops with consistent technique and quality.  Rent Ready includes the following items in our standard resurfacing:


Our last step is to tidy up after our work to make sure the apartment is ready for the next step of your turn process:

  • As a final quality check, the countertops are allowed a few additional minutes to dry before cleanup commences.
  •  All tape and protective paper is removed from the cabinets, drawers and sinks.
  • Any additional drop cloths and plastic coverings are removed from the flooring.
  • Appliances are returned to their original location.


Before leaving the property, our team wants to make sure you are aware that the work is complete and provide you with an opportunity to point out any areas where we can improve or correct any mistakes.  Before leaving our crew members:

  • Check in with maintenance or the main office to return the keys.
  • If maintenance is available to inspect the unit, our crews are happy to walk through with them to make sure they can correct anything that needs addressing.

Counter Resurfacing

  • A primer is evenly applied with an HVLP sprayer across all counter surfaces and allowed to dry completely using industrial fans before proceeding to the next application stage.
  • Multi-spec paint is lightly sprayed across the countertop surfaces on top of the primer to ensure a uniform textured appearance. 
  • After the multi-spec paint application is allowed time to dry, a hardener is sprayed on top to seal the countertops to give them a consistent finish and protect the underlying paint layers.