Placing an Order

Before we get started painting we need a few details to make sure we head down the right path like:

  • The unit number, and desired completion date or move in requirements
  • The unit size and order details including:
    • What type of paint your community uses (on the trim, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen and doors).
    • Any extras you might want...are we painting the ceilings?  Is an extra coat of paint or color change needed?
    • Are there any sheetrock or popcorn repairs you need help with to get your unit looking fresh and rent ready?  Does the ceiling need popcorn or texture repair? Holes in wall?

Getting Started

We want to make sure you know our crew members are onsite and engaged with the work we are committed to helping you with.  That’s why we ask for all Rent Ready crew members to check in with an onsite point of contact or the main office to acquire keys and make sure they have access to the unit.

If the paint is already in the unit to be painted, our team is off to work right away, but if the paint is stored with maintenance, they’ll need some help acquiring the paint.


If any larger repairs are necessary, and not already part of the order, they will be communicated with the main point of contact prior to engaging with repairs which might carry additional costs with them.  As part of the repair process: 

  • Drywall patches are applied with a fast drying drywall compound.  After the repair is patched, the excess mud is leveled out and dried with an industrial dryer.  Upon completion, uneven drywall texture is sanded down and an initial coat of paint or prime is applied.
  • Popcorn ceiling repairs are prepped by removing excess texture around the damaged area before popcorn texture is applied with a popcorn sprayer and allowed to dry. 


Painting Prep

Our painters go through detailed checks and procedures before beginning work on each unit to make sure they keep things as clean as possible and prepare the unit for the best job they can do.  The better the preparation, the better the paint job!  During prep, painters will:

  • Inspect the unit for defects and quick repairs like small nail holes from pictures hung on walls, cracks along seams, and any uneven drywall.
  • Remove dirt and cobwebs from surface areas that are to be painted.
  • Repair all small imperfections noted during their initial inspection:
    • Patch and sand all small nail holes throughout the unit.
    • Sand any uneven drywall textures.
    • Fill in small cracks in the wall and along trim with caulking.
    • If there are any larger repairs, which typically carry an additional expense teams will seek approval from the main office before proceeding if not already included in order. 
  • Remove all wall plates, light switch covers and store in a central location such as a kitchen drawer.
  • Tape down switches, outlets, door knobs, door stops, and other exposed surfaces which are not being painted.
  • Tape electrical panels, thermostats, and counter edges to protect from potential overspray.
  • Remove smoke detectors and alarms and cover any other ceiling objects such as fans or globes if the ceiling is being painted as part of the order.
  • Pull up all window blinds and hang or wrap cords to protect from potential overspray. 
  • Lay down drop cloths and plastic covering throughout the unit to protect exposed flooring in areas to be painted.

Our crew members follow a standard process for painting apartment units with consistent technique and quality.  Rent Ready includes the following items in their standard paint:


Our last step is to tidy up after our work to make sure the apartment is ready for the next step of your turn process:

  • As a final quality check, the unit is inspected for any imperfections or bleed-throughs so it can be immediately addressed.
  • All accidental paint spatter, drips and overspray are cleaned from all flooring and non-painted surfaces in the unit.
  • Tape is removed throughout the unit.
  • Kitchen appliances are all returned to their correct locations.
  • All interior doors are left ajar to prevent paint drying and sticking on door sill, preventing doors from opening.
  • Drop cloths and plastic coverings are removed from the flooring.
  • Lights are turned off, and the HVAC system is set to a specified temperature or turned off, with the door locked.


Before leaving the property, our team wants to make sure you are aware that the work is complete and provide you with an opportunity to point out any areas where we can improve or correct any mistakes.  Before leaving our painters:

  •  Check in with maintenance or the main office to return the keys and any unused supplies if provided.
  • If maintenance is available to inspect the unit, our crews are happy to walk through with them to make sure they can correct anything that needs addressing.


  • If requested as part of the order, our painters start first by spraying the unit ceilings, beginning in the corners and moving left and right across the entire ceiling one room at a time until the unit is complete.
  • All bedroom, dining room, living room and common room walls are sprayed from top to bottom and left to right to ensure the entire surface area is completely painted and never touched up.  To prevent overspray, our painters use paint shields to make cuts along the wall and ceilings to ensure paint lines are sharp.
  • Bathrooms are cut in by hand with a brush and either hand-rolled or sprayed.
  • Our painters pay attention to not miss any surface areas in kitchens by pulling out the stove and refrigerator and are cut in by hand with a brush and either hand-rolled or sprayed.
  • Depending on whether an interior door is flat or paneled, our painters will either spray or hand roll all doors.
  • Their last step is to hand paint all trim and window and door sills and framing throughout the uni