We love trade show season at Rent Ready! 

Why?  There really isn’t a more unique opportunity to meet and learn from so many apartment professionals in one place.  Of course our favorite part is learning about how communities approach their responsibilities of making units ready for new residents, it's something we are kind of passionate about here at Rent Ready.  We love all the stories and experiences that were shared, both good and bad! 

There were so many questions that we wanted to ask at the trade show that we knew we couldn’t get to all of them at once in one night.  So just like last year, we sent them out in advance, and because we love talking about the make ready process so much, we wanted to share them with you again!

You Spend a Lot of Time Waiting to Turn Apartments!

Your time is valuable, and so is the time a unit sits vacant without a newly leased resident happily moved-in paying their rent!  We knew from last year’s survey responses that the time spent juggling multiple vendors, all playing a small role in the same goal of getting a unit Rent Ready was a real struggle.  We didn’t realize just how much time was really being spent though!

On average, communities in Charlotte are spending 3.3 hours a week just scheduling their make ready vendors onsite.  In the Triangle that number grows to 3.6 hours, and that's just scheduling!  That’s a lot of time that could be better spent servicing your residents instead of tied up on the phone!

From what you’ve shared, it seems like the wait times you experience to get the work you need scheduled might be a huge part of that!  While it’s always good to plan in advance, sometimes you need to get an apartment unit turned over in in a pinch, which can be hard to do with average wait time schedules like this!

Average Wait Time for Service

What You Want From a Turn Vendor

What were the top things apartment professionals in both the Triangle and Charlotte look for in their vendors?  

  1. Work Quality:  A vendor who gets the job done right the first time without call-backs
  2. Reliability:  Vendors who show up on the day they say they will
  3. Communication:  Clear and consistent communication to confirm work, share service status, handle reschedules and discuss additional work requirements

We weren’t surprised to discover that work quality was the number one request from communities of their make ready vendors.  Why is that?  The surprisingly low number of vendors who deliver work correctly the first time without the need for a call-back:

So, it's not a perfect world, but these figures come as no surprise.  Over 35% of Charlotte apartment professionals told us they weren’t getting the onsite quality checks and follow-ups they felt they needed, and over 56% felt the same way in the Triangle area.

So What Does This Tell Us?  

  1. You’re spending too long scheduling work
  2. You have to wait too long to get it scheduled
  3. Vendors don’t do a good job of showing up when they tell you they are going to be there
  4. The quality of that work when they do show up isn’t up to par 

And do you know what the he real kicker is?  No one seems to want to follow-up onsite with you to fix it!  It probably goes without saying, but you also might be paying too much for what you’re getting.  Here is what we found the industry paid on average for standard work*

  • Painting (Basic single coat, no ceilings, no repairs)
  • Cleaning (Standard 2 bedroom 2 bathroom)
  • Carpet Cleaning (No add-ons)
  • Counter Resurfacing (Kitchen and 2 bathrooms)
  • Tub Refinishing (2 tubs, no surrounds)
  • Punch (Basic checks, no appliance installation)
Average Cost

So In Conclusion

The turn process is one of the most fundamental responsibilities apartment communities have on their plates, but you don’t hear much about it.  What’s worse is we don’t see much innovation or change in how turn vendors and apartment vendors are working together to improve this process.  At Rent Ready, we have one simple goal and mission that drives everything we do: 

To Change The Way You Turn Apartments

That’s why we provide single source scheduling to reduce the headache of working with multiple vendors to accomplish the same goal, with clear and consistent communication.  That’s why we’ve built a robust network of workers that let us deliver service when you need it, on the days you expect the work to get done.  Most importantly, we realize what the impact of not having a unit rent ready for a new resident is, which is why we continue to focus and invest in ensuring quality work is something you can come to expect out of our teams.

So are you ready to change the way you turn apartments?